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University Research Institute of Maternal and Child Health and Precision Medicine (University Research Institute for the Study of Genetic & Malignant Disorders in Childhood) is a unique national center for the clinical and molecular study and targeted therapies of genetic developmental, metabolic, endocrine, neurological, behavioral and neoplastic diseases of childhood and adolescence, including those of many Rare Diseases. It performs world class research in human developmental biology and pathology, and mentors and teaches many young physician-scientists or scientists the scientific method.

The University Research Institute is part of and resides in a “Pediatric Campus”, one of the largest pediatric complexes of Europe, which consists of 2 tertiary pediatric hospitals, a pediatric oncologic unit, 2 research institutes, 4 University Departments, many clinical residency training, educational, doctorate, and post-graduate programs, but also special units, like the only childhood bone marrow transplantation in Greece.

Clinical Research should be conducted with a virtue ethics approach, the produced knowledge should be vigorous and  it’s evaluation, both direct and indirect , should be done through bibliographic data and be exceptionally transparent and strict as it should be in all the human sciences that seek the truth by definition.

George P. Chrousos, Scientific Director

Scientific Novelty

  • Precise diagnosis and management of patients
  • Discovery of novel gene defects, novel genes and novel mechanisms of disease,

  • New knowledge regarding human physiology and pathology, preventive and therapeutic management

  • Concepts related to epidemiology and epidemiologic management of the Greek Society.

Center for Adolescent Medicine and UNESCO Chair on Adolescent Health Care

An innovative “Adolescent-Friendly” Health Service in our country, which has been hosting since 2010 the world’s only UNESCO headquarters for Adolescent Health and Medicine.

Clinical and Translational Research Endocrine Unit

Monitoring of the endocrine function of adults and children 

Unit of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics

The first and only institutionalized Center for Developmental Pediatrics, the assessment and diagnosis of children with developmental difficulties and/or behavioral problems and the counseling of their families.

Laboratory of Medical Genetics

The Department constitutes a point of reference for genetics for Greece since 1965 and has made a substantial contribution to the diagnosis, management and prevention of genetic disorders.

Pediatric healthcare providers are on the front lines to provide valid answers to all your questions, from the simplest to the most complex. This free electronic journal is dedicated to the health of all children. 

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Next generation sequencing technologies, sophisticated mass spectrometry platforms, sophisticated imaging services and personalized cell therapies set the basis for personalized Pediatric Precision and layered discovery and drug development.